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You Are Safe !

Cash and Valuables in Transit

Universal’s CIT provides secure transit shipments of its client’s cash and other valuables from either banks to banks, from clients to banks and in some cases from company branches to their main headquarters and vice versa.
During CIT operations we maintain the highest level of vigilance, security awareness and performance through the use of the following:
1. Well highly trained professional and well equipped security guards/teams.
2. Equipped armored vehicles.
3. Firearms and security weaponry.
4. Radio transceivers.
5. Reinforced CIT bags.
6. Highly resistant seals to guarantee bags are securely locked.
CIT Armored Trucks:
• Bulletproof equipped vehicles guarantee maximum security.
• A secured safe inside each armored vehicle.
• A fully equipped Special Operations unit on standby for all  contingencies 24 / 7.
• Each armored truck is equipped with firearms to protect all cash  and valuables onboard. 
 Our Crew:

• Professionally vetted security guards.
• Supervisors with previous military or police experience.
• Team leaders with not less than 3 years of experience.
• Money collectors specialized in sorting and counting and the detection of counterfeit currency.
• Each crew member carries ID for easy identification and with Universal uniform. 
• Customers to be provided with a list of the crew member names updated on a quarterly basis through the client coordinator with Universal. In the event of any change in crewmember personnel, clients business headquarters will be notified immediately.
• An adequate amount of firearms and other weaponry to cover all operational needs.
• Universal uses various communication  devices including :
  - An operations room equipped with a fixed radio transmission station operating through our official                 exclusive frequency.
  - Handheld radio transceivers to facilitate communication.
  - Mobile telephones for all team leaders during operations.
  - Tracking all trucks in operation through a strong GPS net covering the whole country.