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At Universal Facility Management we Provide spider glass cleaning, special one-off cleaning, commercial and store cleaning, industrial cleaning as well as office cleaning and much more.

We help you with any jobs around your building. with Universal Facility Management, we believe customer satisfaction is all about key to success. We do not only Provide Cleaning service to you, but we are eager to build long term business and social relations, it is all about Universal FM’s Vision and Mission.

Universal Facility Management is committed to provide the services of cleaning using the latest and most effective systems to clean and sanitize the work areas where you spend most of your time.

Universal Facility Management provides a variety of highly proficient cleaning services, from scheduled contracts in large industrial premises to one-off special operations and domestic services. Our cleaning staff are carefully selected in accordance with the latest security legislation, receive full training on induction and ongoing training to continue to develop their skills. 

Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Office Cleaning Services

For any business, first impressions often rely on its surroundings, and whether your business is a corporate office, building complex, compound, shopping Centre or a hospital, we offer a full range of services from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly detail cleaning.

Commercial & Store Cleaning

We have extensive experience of providing cleaning and specialist support services to the retail and commercial sectors. We operate contracts for retail outlets, which comprise of both high street shops and retail warehouse venues. Our services encompass daily cleaning to all store and back of house areas in conjunction with major periodic work to glazing, shop image.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial contract cleaning environments feature specialist and heavy-duty machinery, we have experts trained in such environments, tailor-made for all your industrial cleaning needs.

Our teams undergo extensive training in specialist cleaning processes, products, Health and Safety and industry regulations and legislation to equip them to work within hazardous environments.

We also understand the importance of timing to ensure that tight production schedules remain undisturbed, and all cleaning is undertaken to suit you and to agree time scales.

Office Cleaning

Operating closely with your facilities department we can ensure that your office is cleaned and maintained consistently throughout the year. We clean, disinfect, dust, deodorize and buff, so that your office is in top condition and ready for your staff to work in.

Our office cleaners’ endeavor to clean with a great deal of sensitivity to your staff to ensure that all their belongings are kept safe and organized.